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Finalist, Best Produced Short Film for “Protégé” – WGSA Muse Awards 2022

Winner, Best Unproduced Drama TV Screenplay for “World Without End” – WGSA Muse Awards 2019

Finalist, Best Comedy/ Sitcom Screenplay for “Fresh Face Society” – WGSA Muse Awards 2019

Finalist, Best Emerging Screenwriter – WGSA Muse Awards 2019

Quarterfinalist, Feature Screenplay for “MIA&I” – Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2020

Finalist, Best Unproduced TV Screenplay (Sitcom) for “Arthouse” – WGSA Muse Awards 2020

Finalist, Best Unproduced Short Film Screenplay for “Watching Over You” – WGSA Muse Awards 2020